Ch. 16 Lymphatic-tortora

Intestine lymphatictissuestructure

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Unformatted text preview: Lymph enters trap foreign matter macrophages (phagocytosis) and/or lymphocytes (T/B cells) destroy matter filtered lymph leaves A&P Revealed Lymphatic Tissue Structure Lymphatic Tissue Structure Spleen – Largest single mass of lymphoid tissue in the body – Site of B cell proliferation into plasma cells, phagocytosis of bacteria and worn­out RBCs – Located in left hypochondriac region between stomach and diaphragm Gastric impression caused by stomach Renal impression caused by kidney Colic impression caused by L colic flexure of lg. intestine Lymphatic Tissue Structure Lymphatic Tissue Structure Spleen – White pulp Lymphatic tissue – Red pulp Found around branches of splenic artery – Consists mostly of lymphocytes and macrophages Consists of venous sinuses and Billroth’s cords Associated with splenic veins – RBCs, macrophages, lymphocytes, plasma cells, granulocytes Lymphatic Tissue Structure Lymphatic Tissue Structure Blood enters splenic artery and into white pulp Red pulp – B/T lymphocytes carry out immune functions – Macrophages phagocytize blood borne pathogen...
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