325-lec-4-gear kinematics and force (annotated)

325-lec-4-gear kinematics and force (annotated) - MECH 325...

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Unformatted text preview: MECH 325 Gear Forces and Kinematics MECH 325 2 Objectives By the end of today’s class, you should be able to: – Analyze gear train kinematics, determining output rotation magnitude and direction – Analyze gear train power, torque transmission, and reaction forces/moments – Describe how materials/methods for forming gear teeth influence gear selection and performance MECH 325 3 Gear Kinematics - Magnitude • Need to determine magnitude of input and output velocity • Train value, e • For simple and compound gear trains • For planetary gear trains need to work in arm reference frame MECH 325 4 Gear Kinematics - Direction • To determine direction, better to visualize the problem than memorize relationships • Remember: mating teeth move same direction MECH 325 5 Two Ways to View Direction MECH 325 6 Gear Animation http://www.gearideas.com/tech/warm.htm MECH 325 7 Gear Kinematics - Direction • Determine speed, n L , and direction of the output gear if the input gear has a velocity of...
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325-lec-4-gear kinematics and force (annotated) - MECH 325...

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