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Page 1 MECH 325 Reading Guide #3 Shafts and Shaft Accessories 1 Overview In this module, we will be referencing Shigley’s Chapter 7 (“Shafts and Shaft Components”) and parts of the preceding Chapter 6 on “Fatigue Failure Resulting from Variable Loading”, since variable loading is virtually always the dominant type of loading with rotating shafts. As always, the readings are divided into two categories: Required : the primary source of material for the Readiness Assurance Process (RAP) Quiz. Each student is expected to complete all the required readings for the entire module. Beneficial: additional analyses, derivations, explanations and examples to provide in-depth understanding of the course material. The beneficial readings will not appear directly on the RAP quiz but will help develop the more complete understanding of course concepts necessary for the tutorials, exercises, exams, and design projects. All readings are drawn from the course text: Budynas, R.G. and Nisbett, J.K.,
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