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Just-in-Time Shipping

Just-in-Time Shipping - • Getting the products to the...

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Just-in-Time Shipping A Case Study By
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Globalization (Worldwide Statistics) Year Expenditures % GDP 1997 $5,095 Billion 13.4% 2002 $6,732 Billion 13.8% Change +32% +3% What is driving this activity?
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In addition to supporting tighter delivery schedules, How else are logistics service providers supporting their customers? Logistics service providers are supporting their customers by… Delivering products to customers at the most efficient methods possible Limiting costs to the customer
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Unformatted text preview: • Getting the products to the customer as fast as possible • In your opinion, is this “good” for the long-term competitive position of the logistics providers? Why? • JIT reduces the costs of acquiring inventory to insignificant levels by – Drastically reducing setup time – Using long-term contracts for outside purchases • Carrying costs are reduced to insignificant levels by reducing inventories to insignificant levels....
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