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Chapter Review Questions Chapter 1

Chapter Review Questions Chapter 1 - business approves...

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Chapter Review Questions #1 Professor Terry Lynch 10 December 2009 1. What are the goals of the new work environment? a. Leverage Knowledge Globally b. Organize for complexity c. Work Electronically d. Handle Continuous and Discontinuous Change 1. Summarize the four main components of the model of the IS function (figure 1-6). a. The technology, which provides the electronic and information infrastructure for the enterprise b. Information workers in organization, who use IT to accomplish their work goals c. The system development and delivery function, which brings the technology and users together d. The management of the IS function, with the overall responsibility of harnessing IT to improve the performance of the people and the organization
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1. Describe the three IT governance bodies at MeadWestvaco and what each does. a. The EIS Committee acts as an internal board of directors for IT. It is chaired by the
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Unformatted text preview: business, approves IT’s strategic direction, oversees IT investments, and resolves disputes. b. The IT Council represents the interest of the business units and the corporation. It is chaired by the CIO and includes information officers from the units. On the one hand, the members advocate projects that drive unique value for a particular business on the other hand, they represent decisions back to their respective areas to ensure alignment. The council also drives standards, oversees service level management, and approves the IT infrastructure. c. Business Performance Teams represent the interests of business process teams. They are chaired by process owners or business leaders, they drive initiatives aimed at improving business performance and they ensure that standards are being followed....
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Chapter Review Questions Chapter 1 - business approves...

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