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WIU-MKT660-5663�-Assignment 4

WIU-MKT660-5663�-Assignment 4 - McCain 1 1 Who is...

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McCain 1 1) Who is harmed by Google’s library project? Authors and Publishers would be harmed from project Make a list of harmed groups, and for each group, try to devise a solution that would eliminate or lessen the harm. Tech companies – share some of the advertisement space Authors – by the rights to the books Publishing firms – give some of the profits to the publishing company for royalties 2) Why is Google pursuing the Library Project program? Google is and will continue making millions of dollars from the sites. Google’s stance on it is they are providing a public service to people, by providing them easier access to books. They also feel they were helping authors get a higher likelihood of getting read and sold, instead of just collecting dust in the library. What is in it for Google? With all of the books Google will have, they can sell advertisement space on the books. 3) If you were a librarian, would you support Google’s Library Project?
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