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Unformatted text preview: Liberalism and Revolutions, 1848-51 France France General Causes of Revolutions: Liberalism Political and Economic Freedoms Industrialization Growth of the Middle Class Liberalism Natural vs. Conservatism Liberal Political Values Liberal Rights Political Freedoms Political Constitutionalism Enlightenment Economic Liberalism Laissez-faire Adam Smith Revolutions of 1848-51 Revolutions Causes of Revolutions of 1848-51 Industrialization Industrialization Economic Crisis Agricultural Decline Unemployment Emergence of radical ideology Liberals-nationalists-workers Why Revolutions Failed? fragmentation Social Delacroix Revolution in France: Monarchy of Louis Philippe Louis July Revolution in France, 1830 Decline Charles X, the Bourbon King Louis Philippe, the Bourgeois King Economic Goizot The Middle Class Public Banquets Working Class Revolutionary Uprising (February 21, 1848) Louis Philippe Abdicated Louis-Philippe The Pear King France: The Second Republic, 1848-52 1848-52 Provisional Provisional Alphonse Government de Lamartine (1790-1869) Parisian Workers Louis Blanc Histoire de la Revolution Française (1847-1862) Public Works Poor Relief National Assembly Universal Manhood Suffrage Introduced New Government (National Assembly) Lamartine The Second Republic The New Government “June Days” General Cavaignac (1802-57) Social Disturbances Social Revolution vs. Public Order Louis Napoleon Bonaparte Louis Universal Manhood Suffrage Ended (Dec., 1851) Plebiscite Louis Napoleon Bonaparte Louis France: New Empire, 1852-71 France: Louis Napoleon Plebiscite (1851, 1852) Emperor Napoleon III New Empire Proclaimed Conclusion: Conclusion: Revolution Spreads to Revolution other Parts of Europe. other ...
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