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Question 1: Throughout the book, Dalrymple refers to ideas in different senses. However, ideas always seem to have the same effect upon the individual. This is that ideas are what essentially drive a person’s character and behavior. He states that while speaking with some of his patients, he notices that they say that they loose control in certain situations. For example, when speaking to a murderer, the murderer says, “My head goes” or, “My mind went.” This is referring to the time in which they felt like they lost control over their actions. Nonetheless, Dalrymple goes on to say, “It is the mind, not society, that forges the manacles that beep people enchained to their misfortunes.” To enforce this point, he gives an example of an Indian family living in England. He describes the family to be from rags to riches, coming from a bus driver as a father to be successful doctors and businessmen with the exception of two of the members who instead of taking the path of education, they took the path of heroine, burglary, and witness intimidation. This
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