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Jordan Townsend 4/30/2009 Theory Applications: Social Judgement Theory Social Judgment Theory was developed by Muzafer Sherif and Carolyn Sherif. SJT proposes that attitude change will be influenced by cognitive judgment processes in which a proposed position is compared with a person’s existing system of attitudes and beliefs. The theory is based on the idea that, on any topic, a wide range of position statements could be made and that depending upon the attitude of the receiver on the specific topic they will either agree, disagree, or feel indifferent. A real life example of Social Judgment Theory is the controversial topic of legalizing
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Unformatted text preview: marijuana. On many persuasive issues there are likely to be numerous different positions or points of view that people possess. Some possible positions on the issue of marijuana legalization include people who believe that all marijuana should be illegal, it should be used solely for medicinal reasons, or even those who support the complete legalization of marijuana. Each person is likely to differ in their opinions of these three positions by either finding the position acceptable, objectionable, or indifferent. The person’s judgment of the messages position depends on their attitude about the issue and how important it is to them....
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