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paper1 outline

paper1 outline - ability to receive information...

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Jordan Townsend 8469785 5/15/2009 Comm89 Paper#1 – Outline - I will be addressing McLuhan's concept of the global village, an expression he uses to describe the newly established connections between societies/cultures made possible by new/electronic media. -McLuhan’s Media Ecology Theory -Media infuse every act and action in society -Media fix our perceptions and organize our experiences -Media tie the world together -Global village/Globalization -Humans can no longer live in isolation and are always connected by continuous and instantaneous electronic media that makes up a global village. -People can now interact with anyone from anywhere at anytime - Article: "The Scot Heard Round The World" -Ashton Kutcher “Tweets” about Susan Boyle’s performance on the television -Within minutes, millions of people were able to read and respond on Twitter.com -Technological advancements within the field of mass media communication have given us the
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Unformatted text preview: ability to receive information instantaneously. -Through the advent of the Internet, new message mediums such as YouTube and Twitter are being used to disseminate information.-Becoming an increasing part of our everyday lives-Email, online news, instant messaging, blogs, and even online dating-New media has allowed for people like Susan Boyle who would never have been given the spotlight if it were not for websites like Twitter or YouTube-Studies: -“Social Media and Postelection Crisis in Kenya”-This article analyzes the role of the media, specifically internet enabled communication tools, during the 2008 postelection crisis in Kenya.-“ Globalization, nationality and commodification: the politics of the social construction of the internet”-This article analyzes the relationship between the internet and society, its influence as a global medium....
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paper1 outline - ability to receive information...

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