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Jordan Townsend Global 120: Jurgensmeyer Section: Wed @7pm Reading Notes #1 1. “The New Era in World Politics” – Samuel P. Huntington The main point of this article is the polarization of global politics through the division of civilizations along cultural lines, citing 3 post-Cold War blocs: wealthy democratic nation-states led by the United States, poorer communist societies like Russia, and poor third world countries who lack political stability. This article is relevant to the class because the author touches upon the “clash of civilizations” that occurs throughout the world based on differing ideals, customs, and language barriers. 2. “The Making of the Liberal Mind” - Schapiro According to this article, Liberalism started as a movement in France during the Enlightenment, stressing the ideas of nature, reason, goodness of man, progress, secularism, toleration, intellectual freedom, education, economics, and government. It was formed by the ideas of John Locke’s natural rights, Montesquieu’s separation of
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Global120_ReadingNotes1 - Jordan Townsend Global 120...

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