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Jordan Townsend Global 120: Juergensmeyer Section: Wed @7pm - Villanueva Reading Notes #2 1. Rius - “Marx for Beginners” The main point of this reading was to explain the theories of Communism derived from Marx’s writings and ideas, which mistakenly were not his original intentions. This reading relates to Dependency theory, as discussed in lecture, through the alienation of the worker from the merchandise he is producing. 2. Marx - "The Materialist Conception of History" The main ideas disseminated by Marx in this reading are that human beings work collectively on nature but do not do the same work because the division of labor is dependent upon on the ownership of the mode of production. This allows for some social classes to live from the work of others by owning the means of production and isolating workers from the produced item by doing so, which refers to the ideas discussed in class on Dependency theory. 3.
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Global120_ReadingNotes2(extra_notes) - Jordan Townsend...

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