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Jordan Townsend Global 120: Juergensmeyer Section: Wed @7pm - Villanueva Reading Notes #3 1. "The Cold War and the Third World" In this reading the author compares the great powers of the world at the end of the 20 th century, predicts the decline of the Soviet Union, following with the rise of China and Japan, and ending with the relative decline of the United States hegemonic power. Relating this article to the course, China is modernizing their agricultural and industrial sectors while deemphasizing military power where the United States emphasizes it, which some believe to be the reason for the U.S. recent decline in hegemonic stability. 2. "The Chinese Communist Party" This reading focused on the communist Revolution which occurred in China through the rise of Mao Zedong who used ideology in order to organize the peasants of China under his cause. This relates to class through the similarities and differences between the Chinese Communist Revolution along with Chinese Marxism and other communist
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Global120_ReadingNotes3 - Jordan Townsend Global 120:...

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