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Jordan Townsend 10/21/2009 Section: Monday 1pm Global Studies 1 Reading Notes: 1 In Barrie Axford’s article “Globalization” he focuses on aspects of globalization including its definition, history, and effects as discussed in Giles Gunn’s previous article. He describes globalization as a complex, multidimensional character that is a historical process through which the globe has been made into one nation state with systemic properties. The articulation of the world systemic is defined as how the world operates on properties of a system. According to Axford, the characteristics demonstrated by his
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Unformatted text preview: definition of globalization are also unpredictable and often contradictory. Axford’s ideas are similar to the Transformationalists discussed in Gunn’s article where they believe that the entire world is interlinked through power, culture, and economics. In addition, Axford believes in the fact that the changes in which globalization has produced is quite profound and to deny the fact would be wrong. He goes on to say that Globalization has, in present day, expanded across the entire world....
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