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Jordan Townsend 10/21/2009 Section: Monday 1pm Global Studies 1 Reading Notes: 2 In William McNeil’s article “A Short History of Humanity” the author analyzes the way in which our humanity was evolved into the complex society that it is today. Due to the recent introduction of social science to mathematical sciences, social interaction on an international scale has increased heavily. Language was the first to bring civilizations together and begin to separate people based on which language they spoke. These civilizations eventually advanced and created written languages, weaponry, and other
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Unformatted text preview: technologies. These newly invented technologies developed world changing, constructive, and destructive consequences that litter the path of our history on a worldwide scale. McNeil’s article relates to Giles Gunn’s article “Introduction to Global Studies” because the social interactions discussed by McNeil like language and writing were what allowed trade and eventually globalization to occur. These social interactions that occurred between these nomaic groups of people are what truly fueled trade and globalization around the world....
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