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Jordan Townsend 10/21/2009 Section: Monday 1pm Global Studies 1 Reading Notes: 3 In David Held’s article “Introduction to Global Transformations” uses Gunn’s definition of globalization as a worldwide interconnectedness and exemplifies this idea through IT workers in India providing customer service to Americans on behalf of American companies. In addition the Hyperglobalists and Transformationalists, Held introduces a third school of globalization to include Skeptics. As Gunn had previously defined, the Hyperglobalists view globalization as something is certain to affect people all across the world. Skeptics believe that globalization exists, but is clouding the reality
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Unformatted text preview: of the true international economy in which national governments continue to remain the dominant form of government. Transformationalists believe that globalization is a recent and passing phenomenon. The highly differing views of Hyperglobalists, Transformationalists, and Skeptics were demonstrated by both Held and Gunn in their articles on globalization and its effects. In conclusion, Hyperglobalists view globalization as the end of the nation-state as we know it, and the Transformationalists believe that globalization is transforming the state into new types of power and world politics....
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