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Jordan Townsend 10/21/2009 Section: Monday 1pm Global Studies 1 Reading Notes: 4 In the article “The Mongols” by J.M. Roberts he illustrates the often violent quests of the Mongols. The barbaric Mongols were lead by none other than Genghis Khan, or formerly known as Chinghis Khan. Genghis Khan believed that the Mongols were unstoppable and that one day he would accomplish his lifelong mission and conquer the world. The empire that he created included much of China, Europe, and Russia which the Mongols were able to control for some time due to the strong and well trained
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Unformatted text preview: Mongol soldiers. The Mongol soldiers were highly effective at horse based fighting. Genghis Khan ruled his empire through his strict attitude, tolerance of other religions, and his respect to the elders. This article can relate to Marshall G.S. Hodgson’s article “In the Center of the Map,” being that the Mongols placed themselves at the “Center of the map” and were able to write history thanks to their powerful empire....
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