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In the article “The Slave Trade and Slavery in the America from Africans in the America” by Michael L. Conniff and Thomas J. Davis depicts the life of an African who went through the slave trade. The authors go on to say that the Africans had been placed into an international trading network. In order to define the act of capturing, enslaving, and shipping millions of Africans to the Americas the term Africanization was used. The Africans were sent to the Americas so that they could work on sugar, tobacco, and cotton
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Unformatted text preview: plantations for white owners for a fraction of the cost of an indentured servant. Coniff and Davis go on to explain the process in which Africans were dispersed and separated from their families that resulted in Africans all living together in each different city as a way to stick together. The ideas produced by Coniff and Davis relate to the ideas of Diaspora and movement discussed in class....
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