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In the article “Born with a Silver Spoon: The Origin of World Trade” by Dennis O. Flynn and Arturo Giraldez they focus on the role Silver played in creating the world market, and how China at this time was the central trade point for all countries. Spanish colonies in Latin America sold the silver, primarily to the Chinese. The authors continue to focus on China because of the lack of respect it has been given by history, and since Europe has always dominated the history books. In China, the price of Silver was as
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Unformatted text preview: much as twice that of Spain, thus, creating a market for highly profitable trading market. Materials like silver, silk, porcelain, and gold were the most highly traded items amongst countries on the Asian continent. This article relates to Marhsall G.S. Hodgson’s article “In the Center of the Map” seeing as Asia is in the center of the map due to its’ great success in the silver trading business....
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