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In the article “The Making of the Liberal Mind” by J. Salwyn Schapiro illustrates the way in which liberalism was first introduced into the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, and also the Scientific Revolution. Liberal thinkers such as John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rosseau ideas about nature, reason, goodness of man, progress, and even secularism were all introduced at this time of revolution. The writings of these two leading liberal thinkers, “Of Civil Government” by John Locke and “Social Contract” by
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Unformatted text preview: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, discussed these concerns with the people. People of the middle class often met in places like coffee shops to discuss these new Enlightenment ideas that the great thinkers wrote about in their books like Locke and Rousseau. The ideas produced by this article can relate back to Amartya Sen’s article “Human Rights and Asian Values” because no person should be subjected to suppression by another force, and should fight to protect their rights and values....
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