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In the article “Capital” by Karl Marx he wrote about his teachings which denoted that the agricultural workers in society were the most important factor within the economy. Marx explains that these agricultural workers were being forced into what he called “expropriation” which is defined as the confiscation of private property with the express purpose of establishing social equality. During this Reformation era capitalism was born out of feudalism, where lower classes could never move to an upper class until the introduction of capitalism. There was a
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Unformatted text preview: distinct class structure system in place during times of Feudalism, where the lower classes could never rise above the under echelon of classes in the system. With the evolution of capitalism in society some bad changes came about including: looting, enslavement, murder, and greed all occurring outside of Europe. These traits of the revolution lead to Western dominance during the African slave trade, as we saw in Conniff and Davis article The Slave Trade and Slavery in the America....
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