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In the article “Nationalism: Five Roads to Modernity” by Liah Greenfeld goes into detail about the transformation of the idea of the nation or nation-state. She defines these characteristics to include: a group of foreigners, a community of opinion, community of elite, and a community of sovereign people. Although in every region or nation this transformation does not always exist, it still comes from a similar origin referring back to the group ideas of the foreigners. In her article, Greenfeld defines nationalism as “an umbrella” which is seen as covering
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Unformatted text preview: people from the same national identity and consciousness. Later in the article Greenfeld also defines two types of nationalism including: civic and ethnic. This can relate back to the class in the fact that a nation can be defined in many different ways and not simply just one definition. It is up to the individual groups that set up nations and create nationalism to identify the path they wish to take....
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