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Unformatted text preview: PNR 182: Pharmacology Ampules: Glass containers that usually contain a single dose of a medication. The container may be scored or have a darkened ring around the neck where the ampule is to be broken. Once the medication has been withdrawn, dispose of the ampule into a sharps container. Steps: A. Move all of the solution to the bottom of the ampule by gently flicking the side of the ampule with your fingers to displace the medication from the top portion of the ampule. B. Cover ampule neck with gauze or alcohol pads while breaking top off. (Pull top towards you to break) Discard top into sharps container. C. Withdraw medication from ampule (filter needle must be lowered to withdraw all solution from ampule). Ampule may be inverted or held upright to withdraw medication. D. Discard ampule into sharps container. Change needle on syringe before injection. Vials: Glass or plastic containers that contain one or more doses of a sterile medication. The mouth of the vial is covered with a thick rubber diaphragm through which a needle must be passed to remove the...
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