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Central Line IV Container Change

Central Line IV Container Change - 9 Remove old container...

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HLTH1210/Licensed Practical Nurse-Certified SKILL CHECKLIST FOR CHANGING THE CENTRAL VENOUS FLUID CONTAINER STEPS FOR THE PROCEDURE PASS FAIL 1. Check physician’s order for type of fluid and infusion rate 2. Wash your hands 3. Select correct fluid container 4. Examine solution for clarity 5. Assemble supplies 6. Check client’s identity 7. Close regulator on tubing 8. Remove cover from entry port of new container
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Remove old container from connector and insert connector into new solution container 10. Invert new container and hang it up 11. Fill drip chamber ½ full 12. Open clamp, start, and regulate flow rate through IV pump as ordered 13. Secure client’s environment and comfort 14. Dispose of old container 15. Reassess entire IV, including rate 16. Wash your hands 17. Document the procedure...
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