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HLTH1210/Licensed Practical Nurse-Certified SKILL CHECKLIST FOR SETTING UP IV INFUSION STEPS IN PROCEDURE PASS FAIL 1. Check physician’s order including type of solution, rate, and duration 2. Check that IV order has been delegated/directed to the LPN-C 3. Verify that solution/medication ordered is approved for LPN-C to administer 4. Assess client; identify client, check allergies, diagnosis, vital signs, renal function, lab, skin turgor, coagulation, CV function
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Wash your hands 6. Inspect IV fluid and container; check for damaged cap, cracks, expiration date, discoloration, clarity 7. Assemble administration set; maintain asepsis, select tubing, close clamp, spike port, hang, fill drip chamber, prime tubing 8. Check fluid container label or label (name, room number, date, time) 9. Label IV tubing with date and time...
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