Medication Administration - 10 Check label for correct...

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HLTH1210/Licensed Practical Nurse-Certified SKILL CHECKLIST FOR MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION STEPS FOR PROCEDURE PASS FAIL 1. Check physician’s orders 2. Verify that medication is approved for LPN-C to administer 3. Check that client has been assessed by R.N. within last 24 hours 4. Verify that R.N. has delegated orders to LPN-C to administer 5. Gather information on the drug, including effects, dilution, rate of administration, reactions, compatibility with other fluids/meds 6. Check type of intravenous access available 7. Wash your hands 8. Select appropriate equipment based on the method to be used 9. Read name of medication from the record
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Check label for correct client, date, and dose 11. Compare medication container with record 12. Prepare the medication, using sterile technique 13. Prepare 5 mL normal saline in a syringe for flushing if necessary 14. Explain the procedure to the client 15. Give medication, using the appropriate specific procedure 16. Observe the client for complications 17. Dispose of equipment correctly 18. Evaluate client’s response by looking for desired effects and adverse effects 19. Record name of medication, dosage, IV route used, time, and signature 20. If 50 - 100 mL of fluid given, add amount to intake record...
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Medication Administration - 10 Check label for correct...

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