Piggyback (New Secondary Line)

Piggyback (New Secondary Line) - 9 Place connector on end...

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HLTH1210/Licensed Practical Nurse-Certified SKILL CHECKLIST FOR ADDING A SECONDARY LINE STEPS FOR PROCEDURE PASS FAIL 1. Check to see if client has an IV or saline lock 2. Verify that medication is approved for LPN-C to administer 3. Select correct equipment a. Saline lock: regular long IV tubing, tape, alcohol swab b. Existing infusion: secondary administration set, tape, alcohol swab c. Existing secondary set: new connector, tape, alcohol swab 4. Check medication label with medication; record 5. Wash your hands 6. Close regular tubing 7. Clean top of small container 8. Attach administration set to small container
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Place connector on end of tubing 10. Hang container, filling drip chamber ½ full 11. Remove connector cover, open regulator, fill the tubing with fluid, reclose regulator and replace connector cover 12. Hang small container on IV standard 13. Place main intravenous bag on an extension hanger 14. Clean entry port near top of main administration set 15. Insert connector from secondary set into high port 16. Open regulator on secondary set 17. Regulate rate for secondary container using regulator on main set or IV pump...
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