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Venipuncture - 10 Dilate vein by applying tourniquet 11 Don...

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HLTH1210/Licensed Practical Nurse-Certified SKILL CHECKLIST FOR VENIPUNCTURE STEPS OF PROCEDURE PASS FAIL 1. Check physician’s orders 2. Verify that orders have been delegated to LPN-C 3. Check that client has been assessed by R.N. every 24 hours 4. Wash hands 5. Identify client 6. Prepare client psychologically and explain procedure 7. Adjust lighting 8. Select position of comfort for yourself 9. Select venipuncture site
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Dilate vein by applying tourniquet 11. Don gloves 12. Clean the venipuncture site 13. Introduce needle 14. Observe for blood return 15. Release tourniquet 16. Connect IV tubing 17. Initiate IV solution flow 18. Tape cannula in place and dress site 19. Adjust flow rate 20. Discard packing and trash 21. Remove gloves and wash hands 22. Maintain client comfort 23. Documentation...
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