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Why there is a disparity between the group effectiveness of cross-cultural and single culture groups within organizations, and what are the major strengths and weaknesses of these two different types of groups . Multi-cultural teams have potential to be more effective and more productive groups in organizations, but they can also be the least productive. Groups comprised of all members from a single culture tend to be of average effectiveness. There is a wide disparity in the effectiveness of multi-cultural teams due to the fact that communication exists and facilitates the effectiveness. That is the strength that single cultured groups tend to exhibit. Since they are from the same background group consensus is reached faster. A weakness of between cross-cultural interactions is that there is a greater need for
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Unformatted text preview: miscommunication. Americans working in foreign countries may not understand business etiquettes and not translate something correctly. A gesture could be misunderstood and create problems. A weakness of single cultured groups is that other cultures are not represented. This could lead to discrimination and bigger issues. "It is important for managers to have at hand precise answers to most of the questions that their subordinates may raise about their work." - Reflect I agree with this statement. If the managers were not knowledge their authority would be questioned. They do not have to be all knowing but one would hope that the subordinates were not asking questions that they didn’t know. However, one might be tempted to even question their authority if they didn’t know the answer....
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