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Unformatted text preview: Open Report How one variable affects the friction coefficient. In this experiment, I would pick Normal force to be my variable. The Normal force won’t affect the friction coefficient but will affect the force of friction because the friction coefficient is a constant in my experiment. Normal Force is directly proportional to Force of Friction. Because we used one track only so that means the coefficient of friction must be constant no matter what the normal force is. I would do normal force vs force of friction. Force of friction = uN F=uN. Procedure: First I would measure the mass of the car with some weight attached to it and put it on the track, then attach the force sensor (spring scale) to the car and start to pull slowly. The car won’t be moving if the force pulling is not equal to the force of friction so that means whenever the car starts to move, that is the force to overcome the force of friction, record down what was the force that exerted on the car. Make sure the car is on the same track. Then put different weights on the car and record its the car....
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