37 LessonTreatment of Disorders

37 LessonTreatment of Disorders - Most procedures use...

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Treatment of Psychological Disorders ASSIGNMENT a. Study text Chapter 15 (pg 595-621). b. Complete Concept Checks 15.1 (pg 609) and 15.2 (pg 610). c. Review Questions: Chapter 15 practice test questions 1-10 (pg 631). d. Answer IPO 37. LESSON OBJECTIVE 37.1 Describe insight, behavioral and biomedical therapies. PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES 37-1. Explain how a person suffering from major depressive episode could be treated using: a. Insight therapy. “Talk therapy”; clients engage in complex verbal interaction with their therapists. The goal is to pursue increased insight regarding the nature of the client’s difficulties and sort through possible solutions. Psychoanalysis: emphasizes the recovery of unconscious conflict, motives and defenses through techniques such as free association and transference; interpretation, resistance, and transference Client centered therapy Group therapy b. Behavioral therapy Behavior therapists make direct efforts to alter problematic responses.
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Unformatted text preview: Most procedures use classical conditioning, but some may use operant conditioning or observational learning. Systematic desensitization: reduce phobias and fears the produce anxiety Aversion Therapy: adverse stimulus to get rid of maladaptive behavior; classical conditioning Social skills training: modeling, rehearsal, and shaping Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments: detect and dispute automatic negative thoughts c. Biomedical therapy. Interventions into a person’s biological functioning; most widely used therapies involve drug therapy or shock therapy 37 37 L E S S O N 37-2. Identify reasons why minorities might be less likely to seek therapeutic services. Treatment is more likely when people have medical insurance and when they have higher education? Integrated Performance Objective 37 Summarize the theoretical background of each type of therapy, to include the advantages and disadvantages of each, discussed in Performance Objective 37-1....
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37 LessonTreatment of Disorders - Most procedures use...

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