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MM FACULTY NOTE ON NEWLY-STARTED CONVERSATION CONNECTION – OCTOBER 12 2010 Several 220-2 and -12 students have asked me where they and/or their family member/s can find or join conversation opportunities. In addition to information I already provided, here is extra, which yesterday the directors asked me to circulate to you all. The wording below is the original message to me, not mine, but I have added color and highlight to it: Conversation Connection Your connection to finding a language exchange partner http://celta.msu.edu/conversation/ Are you learning a foreign language and want to practice it?
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Unformatted text preview: Are you a student of English and want to practice your English and share your native language with others? The new Conversation Connection database allows you to add yourself to a searchable database of language learners who are looking for someone with whom to practice their language. Since this is a brand new database, there aren¹t many people in it yet! But that will change quickly, so we recommend that you add yourself NOW and then return to the database in a few weeks after more people have joined to search for others. Thank you. MM...
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