Final Grammar Exam Material

Final Grammar Exam Material - may come to me at the end of...

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Zhechao Ma A43868761 MSU ESL 220-12 (Morris) Final Grammar Exam Material Ten sentences A. Five short sentences 1. My first impression about it is that it can earn good. 2. My friend recommended me to have the AP course. 3. I can’t catch the mean point of the course at once. 4. 153 workers were trapped in the mine. 5. Everyday about 2 Chinese miners will die for mine disasters. B. Three medium sentences 1. We are urgent to find out causes for these mine disasters, and ways to reduce them. 2. What is worse is because I misunderstood the words meaning in the question. 3. There are several major in the business areas and I interested in two of the business majors. C. Two long sentences 1. Although to complete my Finance Bachelor’s degree is a long journey, a satisfied job
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Unformatted text preview: may come to me at the end of journey. 2. According to the recent mine disaster statistical dates, from January 2010 to November 2010, there were 95 mine accident in China. One second paragraph Besides the government’s rules, a creative idea was raised among Chinese. Since 93.3% Chinese take care about the Wangjialing mine disaster, a film studio will invest to shoot a movie about this event. It was called eight days and nights, which focus on how the rescue operation succeeded and what we can learn from it. The goal for the film is to arouse our attention to mine safety....
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Final Grammar Exam Material - may come to me at the end of...

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