Chapter 17 - 1. preganglionic neurons (before they reach...

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The Nervous System - Autonomic Division Autonomic - Smooth and cardiac; part of PNS Parasympathetic (resting mode) Mainly in control; Craniosacral Cranial III - oculomotor (constricts pupil) - ciliary ganglion VII - facial o lacrimal glands - pterygopalatine ganglion o IX - glossopharyngeal (parodid salivary gland) - otic ganglion X - vagas (all organs from esophogus to right 2/3 of transverse colon) o does not have ganglion to synapse with Sacral X - vagas (left 1/3 transverse, descending, & sigmoid colon; upper 1/3 of rectum;) adrenal cortex & kidneys are by X vagus 'S2,S3,S4 keeps the ding-dong from the floor.' (erection) 'Parasympathetic makes the penis point.' Sympathetic (emergency mode) In control for a short time; thoracolumbar division (thoracic & lumbar nerves) - (T1-T12; L1-L2) 4 F's - fight, flight, fright, & sex
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(457) Sympathetic chain ganglia
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Unformatted text preview: 1. preganglionic neurons (before they reach the ganglion) 3 possibilities 1. synapse with postganglion at sympathetic chain 2. bypass to collateral ganglia & synapses with postganglionic (abdominal pelvic cavity ) stomach, intestines, kidneys, ureters, bladder, uterus, ovaries 3. bypasses chain & collateral (T5) until it reaches adrenal medulla neurotransmitter, adrenalin is going to be released (no time to waste) 2. coccygeal ganglia (Co1) - both sides fuse together (ganglion impar) 3. collateral ganglion superior mesenteric ganglion inferior mesenteric ganglion inferior mesenteric ganglion T1 (goes up & synapses with postganglionic to organs in head & neck region) Parasympathetic Sympathetic saliva dry mouth pupil constriction adrenal cortex pupil dilation adrenal medulla no chain ganglion postganglionic going to the adrenal cortex (parasympathetic)...
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Chapter 17 - 1. preganglionic neurons (before they reach...

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