Chapter 22 - Vessels and Circulation Blood vessels have 3...

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Vessels and Circulation Blood vessels have 3 layers: 1. Tunica Externa 2. Tunica Media (smooth muscle) 3. Tunica Intima Distinguishing Arteries from Veins Veins will collapse have valves Arteries internal and external elastic membrane (intima) -- has elastic fibers Lumen - space inside Two main circuits Systemic 1. goes through all 11 systems Pulmonary 2. Just between heart and lungs Arteries Veins Branches of the Aorta Ascending Arch 1. R and L Coronary Arteries Arch 1. Braciocephalic Trunk a. R - Common Carotid b. R - Subclavian 2. L - Common Carotid 3. L - Subclavian Thoracic Aorta 1. Pericardial, Esophageal, Mediastinal, Bronchial, Intercostals Branches of SVC and IVC Azygous Venous System Right Side 1. Azygous a. drains into SVC b. Posterior Intercostals drain into it Left Side 1. Accessory Hemiazygous a. Upper 6 intercostals drain here 2. Hemiazygous a. Lower 6 intercostals drain here
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2. Superior Phrenic (above diaphragm) 3. Inferior Phrenic (below diaphragm) Descending Abdominal Aorta 1. Ciliac Trunk (T12) 2. Superior Messenteric (L1) 3. Inferior Messenteric (L3) 4. 4 Pairs of Lumbar Arteries 5. 2 Renal 6. 2 Suprarenal 7. 2 Gonadal 8. 2 Common Iliac a. External Iliac b. Internal Iliac 9. Median Sacral (5th Pair of Lumbar Arteries) Tributaries to IVC (give to something; below diaphragm) 1. Paired Branches a. 2 Renal b. 2 Common Iliacs c. 4 Pairs Lumbar Veins d. 2 Inferior Phrenics 2. R-Gonadal 3. R-Suprarenal 4. Hepatics Drain into the L-Renal 1. L-Gonadal 2. L-Suprarenal
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Chapter 22 - Vessels and Circulation Blood vessels have 3...

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