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SANTA MONICA COLLEGE ECON 2 – PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS FALL SEMESTER 2010 Instructor: Professor Anthony Chan Phone: 310-434-4515 E-mail: Office: HSS 382 Class hours: M W 12:45pm-2:05pm (Section # 1736) in HSS 263 M W 2:15pm-3:35pm (Section # 1737) in HSS 165 Required Text : Macroeconomics by H. Singh, T. Sweeney, and J. Gray. ISBN: 0-8400-7004-7 Course Overview : This course explores the general principles of macroeconomics. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of inflation, unemployment, gross domestic product, money & banking, the Federal Reserve System as well as the role of government policies (fiscal and monetary) in combating economic fluctuations (inflation and unemployment). International economics will be discussed only if time permits. Recommended Readings : In addition to regular readings assigned in the course, you are highly encouraged to keep yourself abreast of current economic, business, and international events by reading at least one of the following materials: Wall Street Journal , Business Week , Fortune , or Forbes . Evaluation and Grading System : Examinations (3) 120 points Mini-Quizzes (3) 60 points Unannounced Quizzes/Homework/ In-Class Assignments 80 points 2-hour Final examination 80 points TOTAL POINTS 340 points Each examination is worth 40 points. They are in multiple choice format. You will need to bring scantron form either 882-E, 882-E-BC, or 882-ES as well as # 2 pencils / eraser / calculator /
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