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LET-6e Appendix I: Sample Answers for End-of-Chapter Question with Sample Answer Chapter 4: Constitutional Authority to Regulate Business 4.2 Question with Sample Answer Thomas worked in the nonmilitary operations of a large firm that produced both military and nonmilitary goods. When the company discontinued the production of nonmilitary goods, Thomas was transferred to the plant producing military equipment. Thomas left his job, claiming that it violated his religious principles to participate in the manufacture of goods to be used in destroying life. In effect, he argued, the transfer to the war matériel plant forced him to quit his job. He was denied unemployment compensation by the state because he had not been effectively “discharged” by the employer but had voluntarily terminated his employment. Did the state’s denial of unemployment benefits to Thomas violate
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Unformatted text preview: the free exercise clause of the First Amendment? Explain. Sample Answer: As the text points out, Thomas has a constitutionally protected right to his religion and the free exercise of it. In denying his unemployment benefits, the state violated these rights. Employers are obligated to make reasonable accommodations for their employees beliefs, right or wrong, that are openly and sincerely held. Thomass beliefs were openly and sincerely held. By placing him in a department that made military goods, his employer effectively put him in a position of having to choose between his job and his religious principles. This unilateral decision on the part of the employer was the reason Thomas left his job and why the company was required to compensate Thomas for his resulting unemployment....
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