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Test 1_chap 1 to 7

Test 1_chap 1 to 7 - 4 6 14th Amendment 4th Amendment...

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4 14th Amendment prohibts any state from denying any person the equal protection of the laws 6 4th Amendment 6 5 types of crime 4 5th Amendment applies the equal protection clause to the federal governent 6 5th Amendment the right to remain silent 6 6th amendment 6 6th amendment The right to council 6 8th amendment 7 Act of state doctrine 5 Actionable 5 Actual Malice Provides protection against unreasonable searches and seizures and requires that probable cause exist before a warrant for a search or an arrest can be issued 1- Violent crimes (cries against persons) 2- property crimes 3- Public order crime 4- White collar crime 5- Organized Crime 1) Murder, rape assult battery 2) Burglary, larcency, arson, forgery, receive stole goods 3)drunkenness, prostitution, drugs 4) embezzelment, bribery, bankruptcy fraud, insider trade, mai / wire fraud 5) Money laundering, racketeering No one can be deprived of life, liberty or propety without due process of law. No one can be tried twice (doublke jeopardy for the same offense. No one can be required to incriminate himself a right to a speedy trial and a right to a trial of a jury - the right to public trial - the right to confront witnesses - and the right to council prohibits excessive bail and fines as well as cruel and unusual punishment. Guards must provide humane conditions and confinement A doctrine providing that the judicial branch on one contry will not examine the validity of public acts committed by a recognized foreign government within its own territory A doctrine under which U.S. courts avoid passing judgement on the validity of public acts committed by a recognized foreign government within its own territory Capable of serving as the basis of a lawsuit. An actionable claim can be pursued in a lawsuit or other court action Intentional infliction or emotional distress Outrageous conduct, resulting in emotional distress The deliberate intent to cause harm, which exists when a person makes a staement either knowing that it is false or showing a reckless disregard for whether it is true. In a defamation suit, a statemenet made about a public figure normally must be made with actual malice for the plantiff to recover damages But in this case when a statement is made about a public figure, the staement generall falls under the matters of public interest and unless it is over the top crazy lies, that it is not considered malice
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6 Actus reus 1 ADJUDICATE TO RESOLVE JUDICIALLY 1 Rulemaking is there main job 1 ADMINISTRATIVE LAW 1 ALJ 1 7 alien Tort claims act 3 3 Answer 7 Anti dumping duty an axtra tariff put on the produt to prevent dumping A guilty (prohibited) act. The commission of a prohibited act is one of the two essential elements required for criminal liability, the other element being the intent to committ a crime Most crimes require an act of commission - a person MUST do soething in order to be acused in CRIMINAL law a prohibited act is referred to as Actus reus or guilty act.
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