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311DCh55 - Ch 55 pg 1222-1244 Conservation biology...

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Ch. 55 pg. 1222-1244 Conservation biology – integrates ecology, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, and evolutionary biology to conserve biological diversity at all levels Restoration ecology – applies ecological principles in an effort to return degraded ecosystems to conditions as similar as possible to their natural, predegraded state Endangered species – one that is “in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range” Threatened species – those that are considered likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future Ecosystem services – encompass all the processes through which natural ecosystems and the species they contain help sustain human life on earth Introduced species – invasive, nonnative, exotic; those that humans move, either intentionally or accidentally, from the species’ native locations to new geographic locations Extinction vortex – moves toward smaller and smaller population size until no
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