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Dr. Reichler’s Bio 311D class time:_________ Print Name:________KEY___________________ Exam #1 February 11, 2009 Read each question carefully and don’t hesitate to ask if a question seems unclear. If possible, answer each question in the space provided, but if needed, continue on the back. If you use a drawing as part of your answer, be sure to also include a written explanation. For any inheritance problem, you must show your work to receive partial credit. These questions have specific answers, although for some, more than one answer is possible. To receive full credit you must clearly and fully answer the question being asked. The points for each question are noted in parentheses totaling 103 points. 1. Using rules one and two of Strong Inference answer the following question: Why are male common pheasants, a bird, an average of 1.5 times bigger than females? (10 pts) Devise multiple hypotheses and then at least one experiment to disprove at least on of the hypotheses. Example: Hypo's- Male common pheasants compete with each other for the ability to mate. Female common pheasants prefer to mate with larger males. Male common pheasants must protect the nest from predators. Expt- Observe male common pheasants during mating season to see if they fight. OR Present female common pheasants with different sized males and see who they mate with. OR check the paternity of common pheasant chicks, and see if there is a correlation between number of offspring fathered and size. 2. Is the first or second cell division of meiosis more critical for producing genetically unique gametes? Why? (8 pts) Meiosis I is when both crossing-over and independent assortment take place. 3.
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exam1key-311Dsp09 - Dr. Reichlers Bio 311D class time:_...

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