exam3key-311Dsp09 - Dr. Reichlers Bio 311D class time:_...

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Dr. Reichler’s Bio 311D class time:_________ Print Name:__________KEY________________ Exam #3 April 6, 2009 Read each question carefully and don’t hesitate to ask if a question seems unclear. If possible, answer each question in the space provided, but if needed, continue on the back. If you use a drawing as part of your answer, be sure to also include a written explanation. These questions have specific answers, although for some, more than one answer is possible. To receive full credit you must clearly and fully answer the question being asked. The points for each question are noted in parentheses totaling 103 points. 1. What are two ways that a calcium deficiency would decrease someone's ability to move? (8 pts) Any two of: Calcium is needed to- Release neurotransmitters from the motor neuron. Move tropomyosin so myosin can pull the actin together. Form bones so the muscles have something to pull against. 2. You and a friend are both sneezed on by someone who has tuberculosis, a bacterial infection. You were both equally exposed to the pathogen, and your friend got sick, but you did not. Why did you remain healthy while your friend got sick? (8 pts) You were previously exposed to this pathogen (because you were sick or by vaccine) and made memory B-cells, so your immune reaction is so rapid you never get sick. 3. Of the four tissue types in an animal, which are part of the immune system? For each tissue type that is part of the immune system, describe one function of that tissue in the immune system. (8 pts) Need at least 2 for full credit. If they have additional correct answers, no problem. Connective tissue- Blood carries the B- and T-cells.
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exam3key-311Dsp09 - Dr. Reichlers Bio 311D class time:_...

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