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12 - S troke volume volume of blood heart puts out with...

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Stroke volume: volume of blood heart puts out with each beat Cardiac output: stroke volume * heart rate Each heartbeat = 80 ml (Stroke Volume) How many beats does it take for the average red blood cell to make one complete cycle through the body? (Avg adult has 5 L) 5000 ml / 80 ml = ~62 beats LVAD – left ventricular assist device – tube that goes into LV that pulls blood from ventricle into a pump. Pump sends blood to aorta. Bypasses the weak ventricle. pump placed in upper part of abdomen. Another tube brought outside abdomen to outside the body attached to control system. Artificial valves – pyrolytic carbon – clotting and blood thinners infections Porcine valves – pig valves – veins/arteries are similar in size, causes immune response, immunosuppresants, doesn’t last as long as mechanical valves Zenogenic tissues – no generation/proliferation mechanisms Valves have to withstand circular and shear stresses Blood compatibility necessary We have failed to create small vessels – more clotting in small vessels not solved yet
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Solid deforms w. applied force – strain is a function of applied stress , elastic
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