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Unformatted text preview: Examples Consumer Behavior Research Various questions about consumers can be a problem capable of solution. - How do visitors of a restaurant use their lunch? - Which paths do customers follow in a shopping mall, a store, or a museum? - How do people open a package? - Which functions and features of a product are actually used? - Are customers using all functions of a TV-set, a mobile phone or a kitchen machine? Restaurant of the Future in Wageningen (The Netherlands) ehavior Behavior Food choice Influence of lighting nfluence of lighting Taste other countless other aspects involving out involving aspects of home eating of home eating and drinking drinking Consumer’s potential needs Actual behavior & intention Observer 0 Examples Ergonomics Maximizing the comfort, efficiency, and safety of objects and environments for their users - the use of computers in an office environment - factory work Find solutions to improve the fit between people, products, and surroundings. RSI research in car assembly plant Task type duration Task duration frequency Task frequency Task intensity nvironment Environment factors in workplace in (Temperatures, Noise (Temperatures, Noise etc) etc) Physical load Patterns in the structure of behavior systematic observation of movements of wrist, elbow and shoulder joints Observer 1 Examples Facial Action Coding System Using muscular activities in the face, objectively scoring and interpreting emotional or affective expressions are possible. The Observer can provide detailed visualizations More complicated patterns in behavior can be detected muscular activities and their combinations combinations and emotions : anger, disgust, fear, sadness, surprise, happiness Observer 2 Examples Human-Computer Interaction Research Through observations, researchers can understand and identifying the way people use computer technology and tools (, web sites). By mapping this interaction and applying acquired knowledge, user-friendly interfaces can be designed and improved Mouse movement crolling, Keystrokes Scrolling, Keystrokes esizing windows, Resizing of windows, Active windows windows and pop-ups, and more the way people use computer technology and tools user-friendly interfaces Observer 3 Examples Biotelemetry System Logged behavior can be combined with physiological measurements. differentiate between 5-HT1A receptor knockout mice and wild type mice and their level of anxiety in reaction to stressors, in terms of behavioral responses, heart rate, body temperature and general activity Behavioral responses Heart rate Body temperature General activity Differentiation between 5-HT1A receptor between knockout mice and wild type mice knockout Level of anxiety reactions to stressors reactions Observer 4 Examples Parent-Child Interaction Quality of parent-child interaction is one of the major predictors of emotional and social development of children in the first two years of life. In a test room, the infant experiences the union and seperation with parents (Ainsworth’s Strange Situation Test). The responses of the child and the parent in the different episodes give insight in the type of attachment between parent and infant. Different types of attachment (that is, secure, avoidant, ambivalent, and disorganized/disoriented) can help explain behavioral and emotional disorders. Children’s behavior can be scored live and recorded to video files simultaneously. Logged events with data can be integrated with other data-acquisition systems, such as EEG/ECG equipment. Observer 5 ...
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