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Unformatted text preview: Tools for Group Collaboration Wiggio Online platform for group collaboration Created by students at Cornell to facilitate easy project work I will be inviting each of you to join your groups via email. You do not need to go sign up now. Features Posting comments Calendar Folders Collaborative document editing Version tracking Meeting Virtual sessions Chat Messaging Email Sticky note Voice note Comments Posted to front page of group Can reply to others in threaded view Calendar Meetings & project deadlines can be added All meetings are added automatically to calendar Folders Used for organizing project work Can upload Word files, PPT, PDF, etc Notify members of new file uploads Folders Collaborative document editing Previous versions are saved Meetings Virtual sessions Text chat & video conferencing Whiteboard Screen sharing Virtual Meetings Whiteboard Virtual Meetings Archived Email of virtual meeting report Meetings Simple chat Text only (instant messaging) Easy to start Archived Messaging Email Sticky note Appears on group front page Can be used for reminders Voice note Leaves an audio sticky note on front page Note About Calls Calls go to San Diego area code International rates apply Expensive option For free voice alternative: Voxli (https://voxli.com/) Skype Questions? Contact me via ANGEL Gary Chinn ...
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