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Harjit Kaur Bio 200 Lab Article Homework 1. Abstract - is the summary of the whole Article. It talks about what the experiment is trying to prove, and as well as how they did, and as well as the results of the experiment. Introduction – This part of the article gives the back-story to the experiment. It tries to explain about the different incubation periods of the egg. It introduces the experiment, it tells everything from the reason to how they are going to do it to the way they were going to go ahead with the experiment. Methods- This parts goes in depth of how this experiment was conduct. It talks about how the data is collected. It also talks about the way the experiment is done. It also states in what located a certain aspect of the experiment happened. Results- This parts discuses the data that they have collected through out the experiment. It also shares the way they collected that information Discussions- This is the conclusion of the lab. In this section, they analyze the results
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