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Harjit Kaur Chem 101 Lab EX 2 9/24/08 1.Obtain an unknown mixture sample of sand and copper 2 Record the number of the unknown sample 3.Measure the sample and test tube 4.Transfer it to a beaker 5.Add 100 mL of distilled water so it can dissolve 6.Obtain filter paper and weigh it 7.Filter the mixture by vacuum filtration 8. Allow filter paper to dry and then measure the combined mass of watch glass paper
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Unformatted text preview: and sand 9.Measure total volume of filtration 10.Place portion on filtrate in evaporating dish and evaporate it 11.Take a small amount and add 10 mL of water 12.Write balanced equation 13.Get Zinc and add it to beaker- note changes 14.Write balanced equation with ionic equation...
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