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ex9 - 10 Weigh.1 gram of unknown sample 11 Add 1 mL of...

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Harjit Kaur Chem. 101 Lab EX 9 1. Set up glass tube with rubber stopper 2. Insert a medicine dropper into #1 1- hole 3. Then insert a second medicine into #0 stopper 4. Assemble the apparatus 5. Add water to the bulb so the measuring tube is filled to 1 mL 6. Check for leaks by lowering and raising bulb 7. Weigh .18 grams of sulfamic acid 8. Remove stopper 9. Add acid into the flask and 10 mL of distilled water
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Weigh .1 gram of unknown sample 11. Add 1 mL of distilled of water to vial 12. Insert stopper 13. Make sure the stopcock is open 14. Read initial volume 15. Tip flask so some acid is mixed 16. Continue mixing by shaking flask 17. Read final volume 18. Clean and repeat runs 19. Perform calculations...
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