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Harjit Kaur Chem 101 Ex 2 10/21/08 A 1.Add 50 mL to 2 M HCl 2.Record he volume and actual molarity 3.Calculate volume of NaOH (2M) to neutrilize 4.measure volume and additional .5 mL in graduated cylinder 5.record the volume and actual molarity of NaOH 6.put it into another beaker 7.Measure temp of both solutions 8.Add 2 drops of phenolphthalein to HCl solution 9.Pour NaOH solution into calorimeter 10.read thermometer every 15 seconds to 0.1 degree C
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Unformatted text preview: 11.coutine stirring and recording 12.clean and repeat B 1.Weigh .5g Mg 2. Record mass 3.place Mg in clean dry calorimeter 4.add 250 mL beaker about 50 mL of the 2M HCl 5.record the volume and actual molarity 6.dilute with 50 mL of water 7adjust the temp 8.add the HCl to the calorimeter and stir very gently with thermometer 9.first for 30 sec and then 15 read to 0.1 degree C 10.coutine siring till it reaches max 11.clean and repeat...
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