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Harjit Kaur Chem Ex 17 10/09/08 1.Clean a graduated cylinder, flask, Florence flask and an Erlenmeyer flask 2.Fill wash bottle 3.Prepare a dilute solution of sodium hydroxide 4.Stopper and shake the flask to mix the solution 5.Weigh 3 separate samples of acid 6.Transfer it into an Erlenmeyer flask and add water and 2 drops phenolphthalein indicator 7.Clean the buret with soap solution 8.Fill the buret to the top with sodium hydroxide 9.Make a preliminary titration with oxalic acid
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Unformatted text preview: 10.Place white paper under flask so color can be easily observed 11.Record 12.Swirl and add sodium hydroxide and then one drop of alkaline solution changes the color to a permanent pink 13.Read and record level 14.Titrate the rest of the acid 15.Add sodium hydroxide rapidly 16.Record unknown number 17.Weigh 3 separate samples of unknown 18.Transfer to an Erlenmeyer flask 19.Add water and indicator 20.Titrate 21.Record Data 22.Do calculations for run 2...
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