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PL100 Essay 2 notes - Three concepts 1 Conformity Almost...

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Three concepts: 1. Conformity: Almost all the soldiers conformed to throwing the Iraqis in the river despite the fact that it was obviously immoral (except Logan). This can be attributed to it being an ambiguous, high pressure situation and ingroup/ outgroup factors and social roles. LOGAN (conformed in that he did nothing to prevent violence): “Among the enlisted men in Sassaman's unit, one of them, Specialist Ralph Logan, had demonstrated his misgivings about the rough tactics. Logan, 26, was sometimes chided by his peers for the delicacy with which he searched Iraqi houses, carefully pulling blankets out of closets and folding them into piles, while his comrades flung everything onto the floor. "People didn't exactly get beaten up," Logan said. "They got slapped around, roughed up, usually after they were detained. It was gratuitous. Sassaman didn't do it, but he definitely knew about it. He definitely condoned it." “ page 9 When Saville ordered the five soldiers to take Marwan and Zaydoon down to the riverbank, four of the soldiers obeyed, but one of them did not: Logan. It wasn't that he feared Zaydoon and Marwan would be killed. But Logan knew the platoon was straying from its orders: to detain any Iraqis found outside after curfew. And he thought the Americans were going too far. "I kind of looked at it as higher schoolers picking on freshmen," Logan told me. "Us being the Theseniors; the Iraqis being the freshmen." He knew that by refusing a direct order, he was risking arrest. But his comrades, used to him being the oddball - used to his folding blankets on house raids - didn't insist. Sgt. Alexis Rincon told Logan to stand guard while the rest of them did their
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PL100 Essay 2 notes - Three concepts 1 Conformity Almost...

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